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Savoir Adore – Dreamers (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

It’s my favorite day of the week! Here’s an excellent song to match a productive and beautiful day.

So much of what I talk about on here has to do with presence. I have recently had my ability to remain present put to the extreme test, with the amount of work I’m trying to juggle for school and such. With the final stretch of school, I’ve never felt like such a perfectionist in my life. It’s kind of incredible, that my brain waited this long to help me realize this. I guess I just feel like I have one last shot at giving something that was very long term, my all. And I will never have this kind of opportunity again, where I end the education of sixteen years with a note of solidarity and independence. I’m excited, because I’ll never have the chance to focus all of my efforts on one thing that works toward a definitive end goal (that is, graduation). Although, I suppose all of life is just working towards a definitive end goal, some conclusions may be a little less grounded than others.

I think the best part is that our mindset doesn’t necessarily have to change just because we’re graduating from one area of life, to the next. Like for me, education has always been my life’s mission. That is, not even in a technical academic sense, but in a life sense — learning from life. I think that’s a good place to rest the mind, because it means you’re open to new learning experiences, and you’re never letting go of something that stays with you from childhood.

It’s the end of a formula, something that was calculated. I think that’s what’s dawned upon me. I’m so happy and emotional about it, and it was that sentiment that brought me to this song. I’ve listened to Savoir Adore before and experienced nothing but pleasure and happiness with the music, so I wasn’t surprised at all to encounter this remix that helped ground me in this moment. The distant vocals in the beginning paired with a clear and crisp guitar picking happy notes, leads up to a tremendous but tasteful blend of sounds that can only lead you to bliss.

Take this song with you on your journey, and maybe, today is a good day to figure out what your long term goal is. Not the goal you can physically hold and touch, like having a new apartment or house, but the mental goal.

Where’s your head trying to go?

Savoir Adore – Dreamers (Xaphoon Jones Remix)