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Jai Paul – Crush (Jennifer Paige Cover)


Just who exactly is Jai Paul and what planet did he come from? Seriously, who is he? He’s one of the most enigmatic artists out there today aside from Bon Iver when Bon Iver was still Bon Iver (you feel me?). His sounds are out of this world. They spin, twirl, mix, and mash up whatever genre you think he’s falling into. One moment he’s R&B, then he’s funk, then he’s pop, then he’s indie — there is no box that can contain the full breadth of Jai Paul, and he hasn’t “officially” released his first LP. I use “officially” lightly here because the internet went bonkers over what’s been rumored to the album leak, but Paul denies it — although after reading this article, all indications say yes, it’s the real thing. Official or not, a lil’ bird dropped it in my mailbox a few weeks back and it’s been crazy ride ever since.

All of the tracks are untitled, but some have had titles attached to them. “BTSTU,” for instance, is Track 16. His effortlessly sexy “Jasmine” is Track 09, and this cover is Track 07. I had honestly forgot about this song until it resurfaced itself under Jai Paul’s name and frankly, I still don’t remember the original. I’ve listened to it since hearing this cover, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the work Paul’s done. The tension and release of the synths gives the song life while quick keyboard chord blasts give you something to flip your hair to. Paul’s voice had a tinge of sleaziness to it, which in this author’s humble opinion, is a lot more convincing than Jennifer Paige’s breathy delivery. You be the judge, though.

If “BTSTU” didn’t win you over, this track will. Get into Jai Paul. Get down to him. Get lifted by him. Get real with him.

Jai Paul – Crush (Jennifer Paige Cover)