New York City has been on a roller coaster of spring weather over the past two weeks or so, and today it finally feels like spring. I know the season’s changing when I can cuff my skinny jeans and throw on a white t and not worry about anything else. The streets are buzzing with weekenders doing weekend things, some are clearly hungover, some are too full from brunch, and others are just trying to get from A to B without pushing people out of their way and yelling at strangers. I’m usually the latter when it comes to commuting, but today I took the long way from my apartment to my studio and eased my way to my desk. I blame the sudden sense of carelessness on this track from DC duo PLOY.

There are some songs that scream summer, and this isn’t one of them. It’s a spring track. It’s got lighthearted feet, but a deep soul. The synths bounce up and down with the bass and the vocals are funk infused — and interestingly sexy. PLOY takes you to some sea-punk cosmos that’s giving off some cali-cool vibes with a brooklyn edge. “VRDSNT” will make you feel good. The cheeky confidence of the track is infectious. It’s pure electro-pop that’s as refreshing as champagne with brunch, and goes down just as smooth.

Sunday funday, meet your musical lover.