EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Speakerslut – Delta City Blues


If your at all a fan of 80s sawtooth synth revivals like Com Truise, you’ll find some refreshingly familiar fare in Canadian producer Speakerslut’s track “Delta City Blues”. Though the track has nothing to do with the Mississippi delta bred style that was so instrumental in forming modern popular music, the sentiment is the same. “Delta City Blues” is crafted like a love note to the synth pioneers of the 80’s, a time when the proliferators of Moogs and Junos longed for the time when their music would be sufficiently embedded in popular consciousness. And now, with the popularity of EDM being what it is, Speakerslut is free to paint these nostalgic notes across the canvas with robotic vocals samples and of course, swaths of prodigious synthery.

Speakerslut- Delta City Blues

Check out Speakerslut on Indaba Music and Soundcloud.