MGMT – Alien Days


The rain today is a blessing. It’s a welcome dreary day that makes staying inside and getting everything on your to-do list done seem like a good use of your hours. It’s been blissfully spring here in New York, but I’ve been stuck behind my desk fashioning together models of a performance space I’ve been working on for my final exhibition this week staring out at the people in chilling on the steps of Union Square, eating Mister Softee, sipping iced coffee, and generally enjoying the city. I’ve never been more envious of Union Square than I have been this week. No matter, though. Once this week is over I will be done with one of biggest and most influential chapters of my life, and beginning my next one in the coming weeks. I’ve landed a full time job and it’s scary. My roommate and I are packing up our East Village apartment of two years and making the trek to the quieter tip of Manhattan  and setting up home in the Financial District. Things that I’ve imagined and dreamed are actually happening and it feels odd; it feels great; it makes me nauseous  it feels — for lack of a better word — alien.

Today, find infinite ways it could be plenty worse.
It’s a blessing but it’s also a curse.”

MGMT’s first single from their third LP slated for a June release (hopefully maybe) is exactly what you’d expect from the duo. It’s a psychedelic mellow soundscape with a lyrical story Lewis Carroll would be proud of. The sounds swirl through space and for five minutes, time ceases to exist. It’s just you and the music. MGMT’s created yet another alien territory that I wouldn’t mind being beamed up into more often. Lyrically, “Alien Days” sounds like the duo is reflecting on their first single, “Time To Pretend.” They’re talking about the crazy days, the hazy and foreign hours that have ultimately shaped them into the band we know today. They’ve made it past the sophomore slump and are just doing themselves.

Those days taught me everything I know;
how to catch a feeling,
and when to let it go.”

MGMT – Alien Days