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Ciara – Goodies (BORGEOUS Remix)


A whirlwind of a week is ending with a whirlwind of a weekend. My 9-5 has me covering the New York City leg of Electric Daisy Carnival and last night’s stages were fire, and tonight’s lineup is even more impressive. Calvin Harris, Thomas Gold, and Afrojack are capping off the festival and I feel so honored that it’s apart of my job to experience this.

Today’s track is a lil’ bit out of the EMPT norm, but it’s so appropriate for this weekend. Think what you want about EDM, but it’s not going anywhere. The electronic festivals are filled with some crazies, but the DJ’s get it. They know a good drop goes down best with lights and pyrotechnics  I talk a lot about soundscapes and the worlds music takes you to, and the DJ’s at these kinds of events make those dreams realities. Walking through the Day-Glo masses and neon rides, you know you’re in New York City but you’re not at the same time. You’ve left the city behind for a day and entered a musical Oz that’s just as colorful with just as many oddities only there’s no yellow brick road. The spirit of the space is alive. It’s throbbing, and it doesn’t discriminate. Bros mix with uptown girls; Texans dance alongside kids from Vermont; democrats and republicans cheers their glowing drinks. Okay, so maybe the latter is hopeful thinking but you get what I’m going for.

Anyway, Ciara. Yes, Ciara. She’s been gone for a minute, but she’s coming back (fingers crossed — I’m a major CC fan). Way back in 2004, C dropped “Goodies” and brought her raspy soprano and killer dance moves to the music scene then suddenly disappeared. “Ride” and “Like A Boy” were fantastic, but never received the praise they deserved. “Goodies,” is her gem, though and BORGEOUS straight kills it with this remix. Turn this mix WAY up. The bass will floor you, and the whistle will get into your body and have you doing moves you never thought you had. This is a jam. It’s a filthy sexed-up Diplo-esque beat that will leave you fiending for more when it’s over.

It’s Sunday after all, and you probably have things to do, but let go today. Tomorrow you’ll be productive, but today you’re going to live. Press play and thank us later.

Ciara – Goodies (BORGEOUS Remix)