EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Saib – BBQ


There’s always one specific challenge to a completely instrumental track: How do you mitigate the pitfall of losing the listener due to the lack of vocal? Firstly, don’t get stuck in the loop. Nothing causes ear fatigue faster than the same 4 bars repeated 4 times. Second, think about the arrangement and the form. There’s a reason form exists in music, and further, there’s a reason the tried and true pop structure has been around for so many years. And third, melody. If you can’t write something that hooks the listener, then there’s no point in continuing. It’s the difference between recitative and an aria.

French producer Saib shows with his music that he is well versed and capable of these three key elements. With a firm grasp of structure, melody and diversity, he creates solid tracks that aren’t content to play in the background. His track “BBQ” combines hooky sections with great transitions, allowing the track to progress. Check it out below:

Saib – BBQ

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