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Jamiroquai – Lifeline (Shook Remix)

Here’s the thing. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m such a sucker for good catchy tunes. Well, I guess everyone is kind of a sucker for good catchy tunes. But I recently remembered a conversation I had with a friend about the roots of our musical loves. I talked about being ten years old and obsessing over Freddie Mercury, inconsolably disappointed when I learned that he died the same year as my birth. But what really made a difference was the dent in my musical taste that Queen had made. I was not only into a very intricate and multi-layered type of glam rock, but I was into its pop-ness. Not like, pop music the genre, but the way that it popped. Perhaps bounce is a better word. I love music that bounces, be it physical, mental, emotional. Something that makes you think but also has you moving.

It probably comes as no surprise to you guys that I’m obsessed with this remix. It’s got the claps, the bouncing piano, the provocative beat that matches the pace of your strut…I digress. But Jamiroquai’s voice bounces just as much as the rest of the song, and there’s a certain Stevie Wonder-ness to this remix. Here’s a fun thing — try listening to this song on several different modes. Speakers, big headphones, small headphones. I love doing this. You pick up something new every time, as you should, but you also realize that not all music is made to be listened one way. What if the people making the music, created it so that we could only hear certain things on certain types of listening devices? I guess that does happen. Mini rant.

Allow this song to give you a new mini bounce in your step.

Jamiroquai – Lifeline (Shook Remix)

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