EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Minoru Amino – Hyperbolism

Minoru Amino

Funky. Psychedelic. Retro. These are a few of the words that come to mind when listening to Minoru Amino’s music. A traditionally trained guitarist in his native Japan, Minoru was initially influenced by the guitar god Jimmy Page. Later, as his tastes matured, he became infatuated with fusion and jazz.

Minoru Amino – “Hyperbolism”

In his track “Hyperbolism”, you can hear the push and pull of the more visceral Led Zeppelin rhythmic concept with the aural and musical complexities of fusion. When Minoru’s earlier influences are then further combined with the synth tradition of
EDM, the effect is immediate. It’s impossible to sit still.

Check out more of Minoru’s music on Soundcloud.