Lorde – Royals

Hot damn. I guess I need to do some serious re-evaluating because I am not sixteen years old and I am definitely not turning out this kind of music. I’m not turning out any music at all, actually. I’m singing in my shower and calling it art, while this young lady who goes by the name of Lorde does pretty things with her voice while casually talking about the subjects of hip-hop these days.

But every song’s like:
Gold teeth
Grey Goose
Tripping in the bathroom
Ball gowns
Trashing the hotel room
We don’t care, we’re driving cadillacs in our dreams

The snaps and background harmonies give the track an almost royal feeling, despite the non-royal content of the song. Mostly, I’m just blown away by the fact that this girl is sixteen years old. Does that not make anyone else feel really old? I feel really old and I’m not old at all. No but it actually makes me really happy, I’m glad that there are chicks singing and representing us ladies at such a young age. I’ve heard a lot about young talent in the past six months and it just makes me more happy and excited for the future of our music.

Lorde is from New Zealand, which makes me happy. I like the people that I’ve met from New Zealand, so maybe I’m a little biased, but she’s probably really fun to chill with. I don’t know why I think about that when I listen to music that I like. A little part of me always hopes that the music maker is as lovely as their music is.

Lorde – Royals