Blame One & J57 – They Don’t Know (Akie Bermiss)


This is a song to listen to when you are traveling, moving around. The lyrics say it all. This song is a journey in itself. Hip-hop that sheds light on the lyricist’s spirituality and his interpretation of a higher meaning. He has such a solid way of delivering his insight and all of us, his congregation, the people to listen to him display a story and pose questions which rest in our heads.

Blame One is a seasoned MC coming from San Diego with soulful, introspective lyrics. His fluid voice interwines with Akie Bermiss who ads in his seraphic sound and jumps between various keys like the ups and downs of a roller coaster. But this song will capture you from the opening beat produced by J57, a rising producer from NYC. This is the first song off their upcoming album “Walk In The Sun” which is a foreseeable triumph for the duo.

This is a summer song. A time when the days are longer, nights fuller, and like the city heat, sinks into you. I recommend putting this on your driving mix and finding a good route to venture on.

Blame One & J57 feat. Akie Bermiss – They Don’t Know