EMPT Presents: Indaba Music Weekly – KAASI “Showtime”


Oh, the British producer. Something about the electronic music coming out of the English scene always hits a chord with me. Maybe my preference is for the ear for textures that the British folk have assimilated into their common lexicon of sounds, maybe it’s the preference for darker overall sonic image as compared to the pounding and abrasive house music across the pond, or maybe it’s the preference for R&B sampling. Whatever the reason, it’s clear there is a sound and a vibe coming from the other side of the Atlantic the feels like a cohesive scene.

This week we wanted to feature KAASI a young producer from London. His track “Showtime” is deep, thoughtful house music with an R&B twist. The main chordal pattern swirls within a subdued synth patch while carrying the main hook melody of the tune in its upper voice. The R&B vocal samples move in and out, occasionally expanded on by well placed delays and reverbs that blend famously with the white noise elements of the mix. The whole effect is something otherworldly.

KAASI – Showtime

Checkout KAASI’s other work on Soundcloud and Indaba Music.