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Lorde Vs. Biggie — Can I Get Witcha Love Club (Carter Mashup)

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Pick at your food with the knife in your right hand cutting the meat, and fork in your left hand to hold the meat down. After a few bite-sized pieces of food are cut, place knife on edge of plate with blades facing in. Eat the food by switching the fork over to your right hand (unless, of course, you are left handed). P.S. -a left hand, arm or elbow on the table is bad table manners…

They” tell us what is proper to do, and then they teach us that everything else is just wrong, but who are “they“, and more importantly, who gives a FUCK what “they” even think, or thought?

According to all the “rules” and “systems” that we are assimilated into, a mashup such as this gem that Carter has put together for us should not exist.  It can’t because it’s just not supposed to “be“—right?

Regardless, I remain the avid listener of music and the disinterested observer of rules and laws, waiting patiently for my chance to break every single one of them; a rebel, per say.

This Lorde Vs. Biggie — Can I Get Witcha Love Club (Carter Mashup) is rebellious in its very nature, yet super delicious and badass all at once.

Lorde‘s vocals, which we all tend to gravitate to, mesh so well with Biggie‘s burly tone and we simply adore it.

The contrasts between the two are beyond dope. They keep us listening even when we realize the overlaying contradictions within the subject matter itself: on the one hand we have the sweetness and innocence of 16-year old Lorde‘s delectable vocals, tone, and lyrics, and on the other, we have the ruggedness and roughness of a Brooklyn crack-dealer searching for a one-night stand in the ghetto to quench a sexual thirst with zero fucks given, and the vocabulary to back it up.

Lorde explained the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘The Love Club’ in an impromtu interview with New Zealand radio station, George FM. “It’s basically about that group of friends that you meet and kind of fall into, and while your with them you can’t imagine anything else.”

“But you kind of get outside of it and realise that you have family and the friends you had when you were a kid, and maybe thats the best way to go.”

“Its ultimately about those friends you have so much fun with, its kind of scary.”

And while Lorde is in full regret of hanging out with those influential friends of which she was once enchanted by, Biggie would have been the fearless leader amongst his set of friends advocating for everything that is: bad news, rebellious and against the laws..

REMEMBER:  Always scoop food, using the proper utensil, and away from you

Lorde Vs. Biggie — Can I Get Witcha Love Club (Carter Mashup)

  • cp’14

    So much love on this track! :)

  • Auburn T Glaze

    Agreed cp’14, I’m diggin this a lot lol.