DJ Y alias JY – Sunny, Happy (Easy – part 2)


This song makes me feel giddy with sunshine. It’s the sort of blissful intoxication that results after you’ve had too much sun and can’t help but exude a hazy radiance as you drift through your day. Navigating through the swarming mass of sweat and noise of this city is way better when listening to this catchy mash-up. There’s a pep in my step, a glide in my stride, and I can’t help but smile at strangers. This spontaneous overflow of joy usually comes as a surprise to my fellow New Yorkers, and it’s fun to see whether they return the spark. Though many seem baffled by my bliss, there is nothing as rewarding as the occasional glimmer of acknowledgment or fleeting smile in return.

Sunny, Happy [Easy – part 2], by DJ Y alias JY, is the perfect summer mash-up. Cro and Gorillaz compliment Bobby Hebb’s 1966 classic perfectly. “Easy” X “Clint Eastwood” X “Sunny = a beam of sunshine, the ideal mash-up for melting your day away. If you dig this, I recommend checking out Bobby Hebb’s performance of “Sunny” from 1972. His smile is infectious.

DJ Y alias JY – Sunny, Happy (Easy – part 2)