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Rene Amesz – Spinnerei

Some would say 2012 was the year of deep, I would say we’re just getting started. As with all things in life movements and energies never just hit once, they tend to come back full circle, never quite the same but if you look closely you’ll always find the similarities or pattens. These days you’ll find the deep parties in BK, LA warehouses and of course Vegas continues to be at the forefront of EDM. However, the genre is seeing some incredible innovations in sound that the will propel not only the genre itself but music in general once it influences the mainstream.

Remember what Hip Hop did for low-end in music? Well if you don’t, before Hip Hop all those wonderful subs and big kick sounds we can’t get enough of didn’t exist, not consistently and on purpose at least. In many ways the genre expanded the spectrum and focused attention on otherwise overlooked frequencies. It was a total experiment in sound but it worked wonderfully. Deep is doing the same expect going even lower than Hip Hop by taking advantage of the innovations in speakers and processing to capture low-end movement most people haven’t learned to love or appreciate yet. Go to a club with a FunKtion One system and see someone like Claptone or Kaskade and watch your whole body become transparent in the face of the most massive bass you’ve ever heard, you will literally be overtaken by sound. Oh yeah when you go don’t stand in the back like a fu*&ing poser, get right in the middle with all the girls tripping balls and zoning out, get right in the belly of the beast and feel the bass, it’s mind-blowing, no fib.

One of the best parts about growing up in NYC during the golden age was how alive music was. Anyone who was serious about their music basically had the equivalent of a small club sound system in their car. Whenever a new record dropped there was a 98% chance the first time you heard was when someone drove by blasting it in their car, it was amazing for music to be so alive like that. It allowed Hip Hop to shine because not only was there a lot of money being spent to make the music by the labels and artist but there was also a lot of money being put into listening to the music by the fans.

What I’m saying is that to listen to some of these records you gotta get the fr*$k out there. You won’t get it listening to tracks on your shitty ass Macbook speakers or ear buds, as a matter of fact if that’s your only source of sound you need to re-evaluate your whole existence and step it up. Go to Cielo in New York, Smart Bar in Chicago, Avalon in LA, U Street in DC, follow obsessive club owners like David Grutman of Liv who care and stay on the cutting edge of sound, go see the DJ’s who know their shit, look for FunKtion One systems, ride around with the friend that spent an extra 4 grand to upgrade the system in his/her car, be around people who take sound serious, respect the game and experience music as it should be heard. Buy some speakers and brag about that shit, this is music we’re talking about folk!

All day sipping sipping Chandon, girls around me on Don Juan…”

That’s how you wanna feel on a Friday boy. This track is massive, I need to hear this on blast very soon. All the Brooklyn DJs playing this weekend, bump this. Enjoy.

Rene Amesz – Spinnerei