Music Remixes

London Grammar – Strong (High Contrast Remix)

There comes a time every Sunday where everything seems to click. Perhaps your second cup of coffee does the trick, or it’s the quiet realization a new week is beginning, it’s Sunday, and you’ve a few hours before you that are completely your’s for the taking. It’s that time where you feel inspired, centered, and honestly believe you can become anything. The anxiety over Monday’s looming shadow is far, far away. That Cure song got it wrong. They should have really said “It’s Sunday and I’m in love.”

What you do with this moment when it hits, I believe, forecasts your week ahead. Do you latch on to it and soak up every bit of information and subtle personal epiphany you can? Or do you sit back, turn on Netflix, and let the hours pass? I’d hope the latter. The moment just struck me, and I’m feeling like an extroverted introspective. It’s that feeling of connection with whatever it is around you. Your thoughts line up, they make sense, and wallowing in whatever guilt or previous night rendezvous seems completely ridiculous. You turn to images, quotes, literature, and music to help enhance and further seal the newfound connections.

This morning, I turned to one of my recent favorite track “Strong” remixed by High Contrast. London Grammar has been a joy to listen to over the past couple weeks. This might sound silly, but I appreciate they don’t lose their accents in song. It adds a sense of validity to their sound. Aside from that, this track is poppy enough to get you excited, and mellow enough to get your thoughts churning. It makes you want to embrace the day — that go out and actually do something kind of feeling. It’s one of those songs you can dance to and have feelings during.

I’ve heard about sound remedies before, but not until this track did I believe in them. If it’s possible for a song to reinvigorate your whole outlook on life, this is one of them. Your soundtrack is all set, go out and do something.

London Grammar – Strong (High Contrast Remix)