EMPT Exclusive: orange gold red – Ink//Figure Eights

The lovely people at Tell.All.Your.Friends PR company send me great music and exclusives all the time and I was thrilled to find this gem in my inbox the other day.  Summer time can be a little overwhelming and sometimes you just want to relax and remember to breath and I think orange gold red gives us that moment to take everything in and reboot through these two chill Summer tunes.  Yup, I know, two for one, we definitely don’t hold out on showing you all love here at EMPT with all our surprises.

orange gold red is a collaboration between long lost cousins Andrew Gregory and Kate Copeland. The songs represent a deviation for Andrew, who has been playing around New York City with his band Tubetops since 2010. His first solo undertaking, orange gold red showcases his background in electronic music, including synthesizer programming and Max/MSP. 

The songs — written, composed, and mixed by Andrew — draw inspiration from his personal experiences, vulnerable thoughts and ruminations. Production features a growing collection of vintage synthesizers, field recordings, dusty drum machines, coffee cans and jars, and a beat-up Fender Stratocaster.  

Kate, who is currently working on her debut album, grew up singing backup vocals for her father’s folk band and later studied music composition at conservatory. She and Andrew first met in April 2013, and went to the studio to collaborate. Andrew is now in the process of composing an orange gold red full-length.”

I know you are going to like what you hear so when your craving more remember to check out their Facebook and Soundcloud for more info, new tracks, etc.

Alright sexy people, press play and remember that Summer isn’t over yet but we still need to breath every now and then to enjoy the little things.

orange gold red – Ink

orange gold red – Figure Eights