Basecamp – Emmanuel

Basecamp - Emmanuel

To me, August has always been a month of mystery. It’s that strange part of the year where somewhere in the back of your mind you’re letting go of summer. Whenever July 31st hits my thoughts start to race.

Something about this particular August has been even more jarring for me, as we have this faux-October (fauxtober?) weather. I feel like I’m walking around with mesh over my eyes. Hell, I’m not complaining weather gods, but I’m confused as all get up.

An August like this is precisely the sort of time to have a song like Basecamp’s Emmanuel on repeat. By the way when I say ‘repeat’ I mean the serious repeat — like, go to yer iTunes and click until you get the blue circled 1 icon.

“Mouth moves, but no sound,
We gave up our ground. “

Basecamp – Emmanuel