Double AB & Dub Sonata – Time Is Elastic

Put generally, a dimension is a state of consciousness that can be achieved depending on your ability to tune in to a particular frequency. The third dimension, the one in which we operate is nothing but a box of rules, beliefs and limits, but that’s just the third dimension. It’s not the only one that exists, meaning there are other realities and rules we can operate on – if we can tune in. One particular rigid belief and limit of 3D is the concept of linear time. In the third dimension we look at time as past and future, it happened or it’s going to happen. However, our attachment to this concept coupled by our attachment to the past creates an infinite loop in which all we do is look at the past to create the future and we end up reliving the same moments over and over again.

What we know, how we live, the fear, restrictions of life are nothing more than the rules of the third dimension. However, humans are capable of operating in the 4th and 5th as well. In the 5th time doesn’t even exist but I’m not even going to front like I know what’s going on there.

The left brain, the way we perceive 3D,  is the rational mind, it doesn’t see beyond what it’s taught. That’s why concepts like unconditional love don’t really exist in the third dimension and that’s simply because of the rigidity of time within it. To clarify, in the fourth dimension, time is forever present. A being truly in tune with 4D is understands that time is mutable, is a east and sees more possibility.

Time is being created continuously…”

But what this does is empower the person to see clearly with a detachment that is simply not possible in 3D.

Recently, I’ve been having a hard time with a love in 3D and what two of the smartest people I know have said completely independent of each other was 1. Don’t reminisce and 2. Don’t think. I didn’t know it then and I’m not sure if they did (although I wouldn’t be surprised since they can only explain things to me as I’m ready) but they we’re teaching me to leave the limits of 3D and find a new, higher vibration. The irony though, is that some of the things we want, unconditional love, inner peace and so on can only exist in 4D but you can’t operate in 4D with the baggage of 3D.

The past is inactive, my presence  in the present is my passion…”

Speaking of time, I always say music is timely for me. Or more accurately it’s always there. The right song, the right message always seems to come along just when I need it the most. Is that a coincidence, am I repeating life cycles or am I operating in a higher dimension and constantly dumbing down because of a 3D fear or something?

No answers to these trick questions, no time shit stressin
My life found, I got ta live for the right now
Time waits for no man, can’t turn back the hands once it’s too late… – Jay-Z 

Ahhh, I think I’m finally starting to understand.

All these thoughts come from an entire morning of playing and repeating Double AB & Dub Sonata’s Time is Elastic. A rap song/biblical teaching on the true nature of time and space. Dub sets the canvas incredibly with that classic, futuristic, hip hop and Double AB absolutely goes in here. I don’t what these guy we’re on when they made this record but it’s one to vibe to folks.

Double AB & Dub Sonata – Time Is Elastic

Bonus: Dub sent you lucky bastards the instrumental, shit is fresh.

Dub Sonata – Time Is Elastic (Instrumental)