FYF Fest: Ty Segall “It” – Toro y Moi “The Man” (Billie Holiday Remix)


With lungs full of tar and shoes soiled with the dirt of LA, I write after a weekend spent at FYF Fest. FYF Fest is LA’s signature music festival and one of the final music festivals of the season. It acts as the last hurrah of summer as we all collected in downtown LA to see an eclectic mix of new and old names in the rock and electronic scenes.

Some of the bigger names here being Yeah Yeah Yeah‘s, Beach House, MGMT, My Bloody Valentine, and TV on the Radio. I was just giddy with teenage angst. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s have been my unicorn for some time, in that I have tried to see them countless times with no avail. For a small dusty festival resting on the tail end of summer, it delivered on amazing shows. Starfucker and Dan Deacon both topping my list of acts who made the weekend for me.

This is my first year going to festivals (really going to them) and it has been an amazing experience. There is nothing like the coming together of people eager to make memories and listen to music and simply be. I love humans and watching them. Getting a chance to see such different people come together and dance and sing along together is something I wish I could capture. More articulately atleast. It’s easy to get mad at the girl on bro’s shoulders (I have wanted to throw beer at you for some time) and what looks like a sea of the same outfits recycled from one scene to the next, but let’s get over it. It should be worth it when you are wedged between the sweaty guy from Montana and the obnoxiously cringe adorable couple to your right grinding along to your favorite song that you all can take a second and appreciate the fact you all are singing along and enjoying the moment together.

As I hang up my wristbands from this season, I am already tempted to start planning next years festival trips. To round off, here are two other people I want to share with you. I think these songs will round out the season quite night. A  little rock and an amazing remix of Billie Holiday from two talented men in music from the weekend.

Ty Segall – Hardly new to the scene. Such a sexy, dirty song.

Ty Segall – It 

Toro y Moi – Sampling from Billie Holiday, this young recording artist and producer does some beautiful things to this classic song.

Toro y Moi – My Man (Billie Holiday Remix)