Music Photography

Cut Copy – Let Me Show You Love

This was the last sunset we saw in Jamaica and as it happened the new Cut Copy was playing, perfect. Let Me Show You Love couldn’t be a better title for this chapter in our lives.

If you admire somebody you should go on ahead tell ’em
People never get the flowers while they can still smell ’em.” – Kanye West

I’ve realized a lot lately but mostly that real isn’t visible to the fake and you can’t judge something from the outside looking in so it’s important to follow your own heart, listen to what you feel and keep your cool. Everybody thinks they know you, has an opinion about what you should be doing but you gotta take all that shit with a grain of salt. I know that sounds abstract but those things that make you happy man, hold on to them – Just keep holding on to love.

Some moments are better experienced than expressed so I’m glad I was able to capture what I saw. Enjoy.

Cut Copy – Let Me Show You Love