Kasper Bjørke – Heaven (Nicolas Jaar remix)


Buoyantly forlorn is how I’d describe it. Cascading nuances & celestial undercurrents flood my mind; wistfully fragrant with hints of the ultimate, this track embodies a distinct melancholia, echoing undertones of the unknown. Its sincere sublimity rouses me from my daily oblivion.

Kissing and running,
Kissing and running away
Kissing and running,
Kissing and running away.”

Nothing like a rush of nostalgia to the brain, and that’s how this track feels. Nicolas Jaar’s remixes are always pretty boss, but this one feels timeless. It’s been a solid number on my playlists for over a year which is Timeless enough for me. I am indeed grateful that Kasper Bjørke decided to cover what was originally a very loungey Rolling Stones song, enabling Nicolas Jaar to work his magic! Jaar’s signature sound — that is a distinct melancholia paired with an infectious beat — with Kasper Bjørke’s ethereal vocals is perfection.

Smell of you baby, my senses,
My senses be praised.”

On the topic of nostalgia, it’s amazing how a particular scent can evoke a feeling of a specific time and place as its so inextricably linked to every other sense. Olfaction (aka ‘smell-o-vision’ see “Sir Nose D’voidoffunk” à la George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic for relevant mythos) is an awesome sensory experience. Praise be to the nose for its uncanny ability to grant us access to memories that have otherwise been lying dormant somewhere in your consciousness.

Nothing, Nothing.
Nothing will stop you, nothing will stand in your way.”

These lyrics are slightly reminiscent of the Talking Heads song “Heaven” in which David Byrne sings “Heaven is a place, is a place where nothing, nothing ever happens.” Something to ponder while you’re grooving to its infectious beat.

Kasper Bjørke – Heaven (Nicolas Jaar remix)