PAWS – Needle In The Hay (Elliott Smith Cover)


I actually think of you often.

Constant reminders from smells and music and phrases that were once yours and now litter my world like a junk yard.  I don’t miss you anymore. I just remember you. You think of me when you hear Modest Mouse and I think of you when I hear Lou Reed and Elliott Smith. You think of me when you smell her with a perfume that smells like me. I think of you when I smell that sweet sweat smell and sand.

It’s weird. We don’t ask how the other is doing. Just send some reminders that we remember that it once existed. That at one point these were our things, not mine and yours. Not my smells or your sounds.

It is a comfortable, sad and content place to be when you are here with someone. In the same state, but on opposite tracks. Able to appreciate that it was once great, then horrible, and now neutrally not there at all aside from the sporadic check-in to say “I heard this and thought of you”.

So here is one for you, kid. I will always think of you when I hear. But I am indifferent. And you won’t read this anyways.

PAWS is a trio with a groovy sound of garage rock coming from the UK. Keep an eye out for new album set to release early 2014 on FatCat Records.

PAWS – Needle In The Hay (Elliott Smith)