Dillon – Thirteen Thirtyfive ( LCAW Remix )

Let’s just focus on LCAW for a moment. First of all, amazing name. LCAW which is an acronym for Low Cost Anti-Submarine Weapon. How metal. Not sure if that is what were going for, but awesome.

LCAW is a 19 year old producer from Munich and has been producing some amazing tracks these past 6 months. Being a sucker for hypnotically delicate female vocals, I am most smitten. Many of these tracks are free for download. All of them are sexy dance tunes to make your weekend sweet and filled with movement. I can’t decide which is better of the two below. The Dillon track is dark and beautiful with the best pick-up and lyrics which are as twisted as the song is beautiful. Daughter is a regular on this blog, and this song is given the boost of a speedier tempo with the help of dramatic strums and steady percussion. WHichever you prefer, you will likely want to listen to more from this producer.

Dillon – Thirteen ThirtyFive (LCAW Remix)

Bonus Track:

Daughter – Run (LCAW Remix)