81Neutronz – Orion (EMPT Premier)

Close your eyes.

It’s hard to listen to this track and not be taken away into the constellations. It’s hard to listen to Orion and not be overwhelmed by a sense of timelessness and adventure. A nostalgia for worlds, knowledge and experiences written in code, hidden in our DNA. It’s in the stars, the answers lie in the constellations and our relationship is symbiotic, we are the stars.

Time is illmatic, what is now already was, what’s coming is already here. Few are aware of the truth, it’s out there but it’s not spoken of anymore, even fewer use it. They’ll make you doubt your intuition but it’s in us, you don’t have to think about it because you feel it. This world, it’s just a projection, do you get the feeling that you can change it too?

That’s the tension and wonder captured in this songs intro but then comes the resolve and at 00:53 seconds everything changes. You spent your whole life trying to create something and here it is, here’s that moment. Open your eyes and be overwhelmed by this awe inspiring dream like landscape you’ve created, a new world. This is happiness so take a deep breath and smile. Life is beautiful, love erupts and conquers all fear. You are free to be yourself, to create as you wish. You belong to no one, no one belongs to you, we coexist in harmony now. The limits are gone and you realize that you are nothing which makes you everything, you have access all the knowledge of the world with that simple understanding. This is the future, Welcome to the Space Age.

Orion is the first single from NYC based artist 81Neutronz and this lush, ethereal, epic, adventurous sound is called Terraform. It’s sole purpose is to inspire and bring out your inner creator. In Sci-Fi Terraform is the process of making worlds habitable for earth life but being the concept romantic I am I also take that as realizing your own self and manifesting the world you want right here on earth. That’s what great creators do, look at Elon Musk’s Hyperloop and how that will literally revolutionize our concept of transportation. Fully digest what Steve Jobs did for music, communication, books, computers, learning and tell me he didn’t literally Terraform earth. This track inspired thoughts of grandeur, thoughts of the natural power within us and our ability to create beyond what politics and programming say is possible. Enjoy.

81Neutronz – Orion