Easton Corbin – Are You With Me (Lost Frequencies Remix)


I find that you can say you listen to any kind of weird, eclectic taste of music but the moment you mention country you stand the risk of loosing all musical credibility. Well this is for all you lovers.

There is something I find horribly overlooked about country music by the majority. Perhaps I will always have a soft spot in my heart for it due to high school nights sitting on the back of a tailgate on a Florida farm, if only for the reason that there was not much else to do in a small town. And the kids who lived “in the country”  or “out east” as we called it, always seemed to be outside listening to music with a 12 pack of Bud Heavy. But country music is nearly always danceable and nearly always a love song. Whether that is for a truck or a lady sitting right there, who doesn’t love a good love tune?

This song is for those on the fence about it. A very well-done mix with Easton Corbin‘s Are You With Me and the production work of Lost Frequencies. Leaving the dreamy twang of Corbin‘s vocals, the talented Lost Frequencies hailing from Brussels shows his appreciation for country and ability to create a build up with the tones of a guitar and synthesizer with an added delicate kick that brings this song to a groovy new level.

Stop hating and take in some country.

Easton Corbin – Are You With Me (Lost Frequencies Remix)