Hippie Sabotage: “White Tiger” and “Sunny”


Rarely does a song come on which I literally must stop what I am doing and soak in it. This is definitely the case while listening to tracks from Hippie Sabotage. This brother duo from California has been releasing albums and mixes since 2011. In the past few months, they have continued their rash of releases which range from reworks of Lorde to sampling oldies. Each song could stand alone as a symphonic culmination of percussions and instrumental excellence.

Listening to their songs such as Stay High and Sunny make you believe in the beauty of music and the power to make people move with every pitch change and drop.

Seriously, where have you been all my life?

Feeling the sensation of the base making my headphones vibrate, resonating through my body to my fingers with every deep stroke of the synth and breaks in the song. You feel the air leave your lungs and you can simply exhale. Although the brothers have kept a rather elusive profile, they give you enough you make you searching and pining for one more sweet release. Well played, gentlemen.

Hippie Sabotage – White Tiger

Bonus Track:

Hippie Sabotage – Sunny