Jungle – Busy Earnin’

Jungle’s bittersweet 70’s inspired jam is my new theme song but what it represents is a lifestyle I’ve been at for a long time.

So you come a long way
But you never had things for a normal life, it’s hard
Too busy earnin’…

Everything I do I love. I don’t mean that in a cliche kind of way either. My job is my passion. I live in the abstract where I make money from curating music. Let me tell you something about money and music, they don’t go together. All those rappers you see are an illusion, 90% of your favorite bands are struggling. What I do is rare and I’m lucky. It’s a gift because I’m doing what I love, it’s a curse because it never turns off. You know how some people go home after work and leave their job behind, I don’t know that…

And I get it always
But I bet I won’t change, no
Just busy earring’
You can’t get enough.

Earning. I know what you’re thinking, money but it’s not a monetary thing, it’s about living and appreciation. There’s not a day in my life where I’m not extremely grateful for being a human being on planet earth, in the United States. I have this intrinsic need and desire to return the favor, to not just consume during my time on earth but to greatly contribute. While at Coachella I did a lot of thinking about the future and had an epiphany that the best way to contribute is to disrupt. You have to see the world beyond what already exist and create from that point of view. One day in the not so distant future the iPhone will be looked at like a fax machine, what and how we consume information, music and life in general will be completely different. By creating from that perspective you not only solve the problems of the present but you create something new at the same time.

My mother knows me by now but she still wonders why I check out from time to time. I’m just trying to give back man, just trying to earn my keep in this gift called life, I’m..

Just busy earnin’, Can’t get enough.

Press play and let these epic horns bring out the creator in you, let them inspire your day. Some of us have been at this for a long time and have no intention to stop but rather to figure out how to keep going at full speed, it’s what we’re meant to do and everyday we’re understanding the intricacies of that purpose more and more, here’s to those folks. Get busy people, we’re just getting started.

Jungle – Busy Earnin’