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Et Musique Pour Tous Presents Les Auteurs – Sarah Safaie

It was about time I came up with a properly timed conglomeration of sexy-time tunes and somehow sharing my endeavor with a bunch of awesome strangers was the perfect motivation for me to finally get my shit together… not to mention the practical real life applications involved 😉

I’m pleased to present the third installment of EMPT’s Les Auteurs series (aka Sarah’s cerebral-seduction-playlist). I laugh as I write this because I’ve been meaning to curate a proper sexy-time playlist for years.  It just turns out that my favorite jams out there at the moment all sort of fall into the category of seduction. Of course.

I’m hoping the trajectory of track-listings evokes something like ‘pure sex’ in your mind. I mean that in the post-ecstatic bliss-driven sense in particular. Something like perennial philosophy meets dope ass synths, etc.