Theophilus London – No Particular One

The only thing that matters to me at this point is family. The unconditional, deep love I have for my brother, my sister and my parents is the feeling I want to have with anyone who gets to spend more than 20 minutes with me outside of a professional environment…

If I could be born again, I live my life through my son
And tell him never have a friend, Just family
Reincarnated I’ll show him the time that I waited to get paid,
Tell him never be afraid” – Jay Z

The concept of family is being strategically challenged these days because at it’s core is the power of the clan, concentration of energy, unity, cohesion and strength. You don’t go to war with your friend, you go to war with your brother because blood runs thicker. I turned 30 this year and as I look toward the future these are the type of thoughts that come to my mind. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some weird isolationist thing, in the future the whole world will feel like the connection we all have as family but at the moment with all the race baiting politics etc we’re not even close.

Theophilus London’s highly overlooked bonus track ‘No Particular One’ makes me think of this in relation to the girls in my life…

I don’t have, no particular one. I don’t see, no particular one…

As my instinct for concentrated love and cohesion between a group of people grows it’s hard to relate to most girls still having daddy issues or trying to figure out if they want to stay with the boyfriend they’re cheating on. The concept of family is perhaps the most powerful force there is against any sort of oppression. That’s why it’s being redefined these days to mean something else or not mean anything at all.

As a guy it’s interesting to start thinking about these things. First and foremost because if you hold such a high standard for everyone you meet you’re probably not going to get to know anyone. Secondly, boys will be boys which makes it harder to step away from the scene or only focus on the important stuff.

We are human… after all
Much in common. After all…” – Daft Punk

Deeply rooted ambition makes you seek the highest truths because you want to build real, lasting and solid things. It makes you be introspective and form a deep bond and connection with yourself that begins to dictate your actions. Prior to how I feel now, I would let the outside world dictate my inner thoughts and actions but that’s not the truth.

No I still don’t have, no-no I still don’t have, no particular one…”

And it’s all good, kicking it with girls about real shit isn’t exactly a problem. I mean these days I find myself speaking like this to everyone I meet and I can feel it bringing me closer and close to manifesting a world where the bond and strength of family is the driving force and it’s a beautiful thing. In the mean time I don’t have no particular one and as I search for the one, as a young ambitious uptown kid from the Space Age living and doing his this in the city of Angles that’s not the worst thing that could be happening. Enjoy.

Theophilus London – No Particular One