JackLNDN – Don’t Forget

Don’t forget.

From the Dominican Republic to a pit stop in the ol’ NYC to Phoenix now then Vegas this weekend. I came into the 2015 on the run eating and you best believe I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I left Cali back in Mid December I thought I was going away for a nice relaxing time in the carribean but I sometimes forget there’s no such thing with my family and I instead spent 10 days 100 miles and running on all cylinders from dusk till dawn. My family came from humble beginnings man, we’re better off now but we don’t mess around when it comes to appreciating what we have and taking FULL advantage of the moment. Our theme song for the trip was that Ilegale’s ‘Pasarla Bien’ single that’s a huge hit in the Caribbean right now…

La vida es una sola y hay que pasar la bien…”

Amen. So here we are in 2015 and the saga continues. I started EMPT 8 years ago man, it’s crazy. Some of you have been with me from day one and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. We’ve had great times, we’ve had bad times but through it all we’re still here, big wheels keep on turning. As I sit here, 40,000 feet in the air with the clouds below me, I can’t stop thinking about how thankful for this movie I’ve lived so far. When I tell you we come from humble beginnings, I’m not kidding man. Though absolutely beautiful, my moms town had no water system, dirt roads and some make shift electricity, there was nothing luxurious about it. My dad’s home town? Off the grid man. None of that ever bought our spirits down because our family is tight but for us to go from that to where we are now in less than a lifetime is boss.

Something else is on my mind though and it’s fear. In recent years fear has invaded my mind my life which prior to that was moving at warp speed, it’s like the less I had the more fearless and creative I was. These days fear of losing what I have, people using fear to control me, the matrix and my own weaknesses have slowed me down. I’m not moving at warp speed, now I’m just obeying the speed limit like everyone else. That shit is weak and that’s why 2015 for this guy is about making some hard decisions to face those fears and move on without them. Being back in DR, reconnecting with my roots and seeing the fact that I was at one point perfectly happy as a kid with nothing makes me realize just how much the illusion has taken over my life.

When it’s all said and done, when I’m old as fuck and looking out into the world before moving on, the things I’ll think about are my little brothers face when he was 5, seeing him have a good time with my cousins when he’s 26. Scaling a deadly mountain with my cousins then seeing my sisters boyfriend propose to her at the tallest point in Constanza and looking at my mom fill up with tears of joy at the moment. The rest of this shit is just an illusion man, money is nothing but a tool to be mastered so it’s not used against us. Fear has kept me from embracing that and it’s time to make the hard choices in my life and play the game at the highest level, it’s time to get out of rat race and back into the fast lane.

Never forget where you come from man. I’ve changed a lot and I’m happy about it, one of my aunts hadn’t seen me in almost 15 years and looked at me and said I completely changed, that made me so happy. A lot of people pride themselves in being the same but I think the opposite because I strive to constantly improve and be better than whoever I was. If someone says I haven’t changed at all, I think I’m doing something wrong. That has it’s downside if you’re not careful and I’ve become Space Age, so obsessed with where I’m going, where we can take this thing that the past became nothing but a faint memory of something that once was but no longer exists. But the time and space are illmatic, what will be already was and sometimes there’s no greater inspiration to get where you’re going than to remember where you come from. Keep moving forward at all times but don’t forget, never forget.