The Future of the Space Age


My sister just graduated from law school. I love her beyond anything I could say and I’m proud but the truth is that accomplishment is just a reflection of the person she’s become, and that is what I’m most proud about.

We grew up in 3333 Broadway, a project in uptown Manhattan that’s now being converted into condominiums. My dad left us in the Dominican Republic when we were little to create these opportunities for us and that tough, hard as nails, cold as the pole in winter son of a gun did it. We’ve always been Gods so I can’t say we never had anything but in context of the human drama the term from nothin’ to somethin’ most certainly applies. We’re just getting started man.

I’ve been reflecting on where I am in life right now. I’m so damn busy man, I mean to the point that if I slack for a second in the day I’m sacrificing accomplishing something. That says more about the Matrix than me but it’s making me think about where I should be. Since starting EMPT and becoming a curator of culture and music my earnings have gone up to the 5 zero range and that bothers me. As a man I can’t blame that on anyone but myself and the truth is I’ve slacked.

My friends and I have been at the forefront of cultural movements for probably a decade now but haven’t figured out how to really translate that to the proper energy. We should be making 20 million dollars a year, contributing, sharing, helping and designing at a much higher level. However, we haven’t cracked the code that marries authenticity, spirituality, art and commerce yet. As I learn about how people really make big money in this world I’m a little turned off, it’s nothing short of ingenious slavery. You think Apple has an impressive vertical? Some of these industries have God like automation and integration, they’ll be milking us for our money till the day we die. Those are the trillionaires of the world you’ve never heard of.

I first had to understand that, now that I do, it’s time to create something like that from the rebel point of view. It’s time for the good guys to create that God level automation. It’s time to create something that powerful that can counter these bloodsuckers. That’s the future of the Space Age.

The take over ni$&@, the breaks over ni*%@.