Elohim – Xanax

This song is literally bursting at its seams with a bunch of tightly packed little truths fighting to be heard. I mean really, no matter how at peace we are with our lives in general, don’t we all deal with countless little anxiety-producing moments all day, every day? I’m one of the happiest people I know, and I’ll be damned if I don’t have to work through 20 seconds of dread every time I have to do something relatively benign, like talk on the phone or choose what to eat for dinner. The key is to make sure the more complicated things only bring the same short burst of dread, at worst. It’s when those bursts of dread last days, weeks or even months that we find ourselves in need of help.

What’s so beautiful about this song is Elohim’s honesty. It’s like she’s testing the waters with her questions…asking for friends…for reassurance…while at the same time boasting confidently that she deals with crippling anxiety every day of her, day of her, day of her life. Revealing painful weakness in one thought and completely owning it in the next is as real as it gets and it’s super appealing. I’m pretty sure that’s what being human is all about.

Hearing Elohim deal with her anxiety this way is purely inspirational. It’s common practice to bury these feelings under layers of crap (I recently read that only 30-40% of people with chronic depression seek help), but she comes right out wearing them up and down her sleeve. Like Kramer’s lawyer Jackie Chiles infamously proclaimed about public bra-wearer Sue Ellen Mischke, “She’s flouting society’s conventions!!” And in this case, that’s a wonderful thing. Flout away Elohim, flout away.

And the trap hats and “ho’s” in the chorus don’t hurt either.