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CJ Warren — Motor City Livin’ (Feat. L.A.Z)


If How To Make It In America ever does make a comeback (check the rumor mill), then for some reason this is some new retro Hip Hop shit that I could definitely hear on there. Either way, it’s a cool song with a great old school Hip Hop vibe to it that not only bangs, but also has a great soulful bounce to it.

Hip Hop these days seems sort of soulless to me, so it’s always good to hear some shit that you don’t need to put any thought into or that’ll make you reflect too hard on bullshit that no longer matters.

Anyway, hit play, don’t expect Drake and let the sounds take you somewhere that you may have never yet been, because that’s what Hip Hop used to do for me, in its prime. Oh, and if you’ve never been to Detroit, then close your eyes and picture what CJ Warren & L.A.Z could have been doing before and after they hit the studio to drop these verses, because half the fun of it all is to imagine what someone else’s world could possibly be like.

the shit is wavy baby,
New Jack City in the late 80’s.

Over, Out & Goodnight EMPT Nation.