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Rest in Beats — Stadigvæk

I got put on to this super swaggy duo through our submissions and I can’t stop listening even though I don’t understand a word of it.

Briefly, they remind me of a Danish version of Phantogram. You’ll get that right away from the dope production and sounds within that production, but also from the female vocals, which on this, to me, are a lot cooler.

Stadigvæk means “Still” in Danish, and Rest in Beats does a great job, visually, of letting us know that the song is about someone who is no longer around. But what I like most, is how the cadence and delivery of her rap style seamlessly contemplate the broodier production as all three (lyric, beat, visual) progress into a haunted cry for an absent lover. It’s that subtle progression that works in the most minimalist manner and keeps this tune sounding super simple yet extremely captivating. 

I’m gonna check out more of their stuff today and vibe out with Rest in Beats, since nowadays it’s becoming harder and harder to find quality sounds to rock to that just sound good because that’s what the agenda was. (as opposed to the endless feeble attempts of going into the studio to “make a hit song”.)

Good music will always surface to the top from the bottom of the deepest barrels.