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Chløë Black – 27 Club (Balistiq Version)

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A song which ties back in the members of the 27 club with a beat to ironically get you prepared for the weekend, Chløë Black delivers vocals reminiscent of Tove Lo with a similar style.

I recently watched “Straight Outta Compton”. Stop. This is relevant. I grew up listening to that album in high school. I was floored by it. It was raw and honest and hard for people to hear. It was the birth of reality rap, gangsta rap. It let a group of people express themselves in a way that offended people and got others talking and acted as a vessel to let people know, “I am not feeling this alone. This is what I am facing. I don’t need your help. I need a fucking break”.

Girls like Tove Lo and Chløë Black and Lana del Rey do something similar for a different crowd. Some of the first “girl truth” songs that bring to light that some of us are hurting, trying to keep it together, dealing with total idiots walking down the street, overworked, worrying about being too _______, and ending the day getting faded before you ask us to get on top. Releasing in the same ways as the rough kids, the rappers, the outcasts. The lyrics are simple, clever at times and cause reactions to some. “Girl’s shouldn’t talk like that.” “You don’t get stoned, you’re professional/too buttoned up/…..

Women can wear a mini skirt and get stoned and still be taken seriously. And it doesn’t mean they hurt less or it are being sensitive.