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Pierce Fulton — Kuaga [Lost Time] (Matthew Heyer Remix)

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I think a part of me knows that the moment we see one another again we will take up exactly where we left off the last time. It’s what we’ve done every single time before this whenever we’ve managed to meet up in some part of the world or another. The first few seconds of catching a glimpse of each other from a distance we both turn beet red in the face. The closer we get, the more timid and shy our gazes become. And then there are those awkward few milliseconds before the hello kiss, too. We contemplate kissing on the lips, or more respectfully on each cheek the way Europeans do as to not assume much, and somehow we’ve managed to even trip that part up more often than not. But then come the minutes where we finally begin to settle in. These are usually the minutes right after we’ve inhaled the sweet scents of familiarity off of one another’s necks, and then the rest of our bodies follow suit as they begin to unwind right alongside our hectic minds.

It’s been a while
Been a really long time
I like you better now
I wish you’d stay a while
Before we begin to say goodbye
Let’s start making up for lost time

Listening to this Matthew Heyer remix of Pierce Fulton‘s “Lost Time” I can’t seem to stop the invasion of her memory into my mind. The synths and the tempo and the chanting on this tune grab every kiss, every touch and every emotion of our jet-setting trysts and beam it to my memory bank like a flash of light, making the world right now without her just a little bit more bearable. It’s not that my life isn’t an amazing ride each and every day, because it is. It’s just that there sometimes sits an emptiness that I can’t explain, from time to time, in my chest that feels as if my heart is skipping two beats and my lungs have given up on breathing any actual air. Somedays I still wonder if that feeling will ever go away, and other days that feeling is nowhere in sight to be found.

Matthew Heyer‘s version of Lost Time is just another soundtrack to moments in life that have been beautiful for me, so I relate to all the pretty emotion it exudes, and I reflect with a smile on my face as it closes in on a definite end—wondering if some definite end for us is near during that next horizon…