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Tink – Million

His ears were ringing from the other side of the world.

I found myself in a place I knew he would love and a setting he would have done well in. I was with a guy who reminded me of him even. So much in his mannerisms and charm and temper and my uneasiness all were so familiar in this foreign place.

I look down on those who get addicted to drugs. How you could let that happen, just do it for a night and quit. Too expensive. I run out of chat at 4AM. But I am a worse culprit. I was addicted to his love. I found a part of it in someone else and I have held on to it. For years. Just for a ghost of him to be around. I wanted it for the years in between and knew if I went back I would have died in it. That was not an option either. I couldn’t tell when I had enough and it was the kind of too much that can kill you. I would have had a pulse but it wasn’t me. I don’t recognise the girl from years ago. Hollow, how low.

I was on the other side of the world and I looked down at my phone moments after releasing our story to an open ear. The love, the drugs, the lust, the hate, the broken window, the broken hearts, the broken people we were that couldn’t live together and cannot breath apart.

I am in remission from you, but I have my methadone. I have a replacement. I cheated. Not like you did. I cheated to get the feeling again. The fire back. He has a temper but not one that breaks windows. He ignores me to work on his own stuff but that is fine because I love more than this and us and our situation. I love myself now, partially, I am working on it. I control the blinds so, so I control the light in my life and you are no longer welcome with your darkness. I imagine even the sun misses the moon at night. Opposite sides of the world always, for the better.

The difference now is I know I can walk away. I know what real addiction is to someone. In the veins, poisoning the mind, the kind you would lie and steal for. You would live in your car for, run away from home for. Now, the other side of the world isn’t far enough.

If you have not heard the soulfulness and hard-hitting Tink as of yet, it is a good time to start. Here is Millions, pulling from Aaliyah’s One In A Million and adds in her original hip-hop tied in.

Check out this banger for the lovers and the addicts. And this one after. This song actually deserves a separate write-up, but feel like a pick-up is needed after this one.  That beat though.