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Grace Mitchell – Jitter


A new lady on the scene who can rap and sing better than you.

Lyrics punching through the song which has this danceable production and sexy French somethings littered throughout. It is a song for Fridays and middle fingers if you ask me. The track was sent in from the artists as she launches her first album that promises tracks of similar caliber with angst and flow.

The title track from the album, Jitter, is a ride for sure. The vocals and how this track was mixed gives you that anxiousness, go feeling like a line of blow. My only regret is not having my good headphones at work so I can get in the full base. Part trap, part 80’s, all good.

It couldn’t have come at a better time really, if you are younger or older or whatever, it actually doesn’t matter. You will have that moment when you realize your body hurts for the first time, you get your first judging eye from some kid. It’s coming or it came. Getting older is inevitable, aging gracefully is a choice, aging is not. How you handle that is up to you.

Grace, “I like what you got going on.”

Throw this on as you step up, step out with a new dance.