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Drake – Hold On (Funk Academy Remix)


Mitch hadn’t been able to cope with Kate’s breakup. He got teary-eyed every-time he checked his Instagram profile and saw another usies of them at some random moment back home. Sure, their colleges were thousands of miles apart, and somewhere inside he knew she was right about them eventually moving on, but he wasn’t ready, and why did it have to be now?

Back at her dorm Kate was feeling new again. New bed, new bedsheets, new room and blinds, new people, new roomie and a whole new world on a campus full of endless episodes right outside her grasp. She hadn’t felt this good in months, if not years, and for once, she felt an absolute freedom that she had never felt before. Life was too good.

Speeding down the highway of love Mitch was headed Kate’s way even if it took days to get to her. He was determined to get his high school sweetheart and dream crush back, and he was determined not to take no for an answer.

Philosophy 101 proved to be the most interesting class of Kate’s first day. Her professor was the kind of teacher that all girls fantasize about: dreamy, handsome, stoic and sexy, and she had already imagined what it would be like to drop down to her knees and take him in her mouth inside his office. She couldn’t believe some of the thoughts she was having, but she figured that these are the kinds of thoughts that total freedom brings, so she brushed them off and smiled and took in the exciting new world she would call home for these next four years.

Mitch’s heart drops after each song that plays on his “My Love Kate” Spotify playlist. It’s as if the playlist had been subconsciously curated to crush him at this very moment. Still, with every tear he finds the energy to continue driving, and with every whimper he finds the hope to keep on going.

After breakfast Kate heads to her first class of the new day, stopping every four or five minutes to take deep breaths of the manicured campus’s air, and to take deep breaths of a world that she saw as limitless and beautiful and full of wonderfully bright and hopeful days. Her shoulders stand tall and her head no longer slouches and she takes note of all the hot boys noticing her, and she loves every second and inch of it. And right when life couldn’t seem to be more perfect, Mitch pulls into the parking lot and her heart stops.