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Saint Sister – Madrid

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Too often people pretend that they are happy because they feel that they have so much in comparison to the poor people of the world, but we always know that people are full of shit, and that they don’t know what true happiness is like, because you and I have seen it together. They think about old loves to themselves, never divulging that sort of information to even their “besties” because people say these sorts of thoughts are some kind of taboo or the other. They wonder what these old loves are up to and think of all the good times that they had with them and then the thoughts dissipate into the sea of chores and get lost amongst the hours that go by.

And here I am thinking of you and not being those people. Here I am learning that true love requires passion and that passion requires a fight somewhere down the line to certify that it is real. Here I am not wondering what you are doing, but projecting that some day again you and I will walk the endless coastlines and I will see those brush strokes that God himself painted into your eyes looking deep inside of me again. Here I am knowing that no matter how far in opposite directions we go, eventually, we will run into one another again, because the world is only round and life is just funny that way.

I wonder sometimes if I think of you way more than I should, but then how many times in one’s life does one come across a love as great as ours? How many people can tell the kind of story of us in NYC that we can tell and not have others looking at us like we’ve completely made every single bit and detail of it up?

I don’t know where life is taking me. I’ve been riding its waves and surfing its winds up until now and I think I’ve been doing just fine. But, if I could have a word with the conductor, I would ask him to bring me back to you in this lifetime, so that I can stare into your soul and hear your voice once more.