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JATA – Ebony

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The most passionate kinds of love are the ones we wish to control the most, even knowing that love is the most uncontrollable thing on the planet. Our primal instincts with our very first few relationships are to try and control love and fidelity, until somewhere down the line we begin to realize that these things are impossible to control. (Don’t say “no” because we have all been there.) But why do we find ourselves in those particular scenarios, ever, still sometimes to this day, long after we have immaturely learned such lessons? I would say that it is something called “passion” that holds the key; something that can easily get lost even within the most perfect love stories.

Passion is what drives endless loves. Passion is what creates timeless love stories that we still tell our kids and they make movies about. Passion, is the one thing that beats love because without it, even love becomes mundane.

Remember what it was like to feel stomach pains whenever you didn’t hear from that kind of love that drove you insane. Remember the headaches from all the tears you shed each time you got into a fight, broke up and thought it was over for good. Remember how you swore, each time you got back together, that you would never fight again about the dumbest shit ever. That’s passion right there, because love by itself is not rambunctious, but love unrestrained completely becomes exactly that—fiery down to its very core.

Please shoot if you want to.
I’m happy to hold the gun.
Oh please be my reaper.
Yes, you are the only one.”

And that’s it. That’s the difference. True love is two souls living for one another. Passion, is one soul living only for the other.

Kill me if you want to. 
Fill me with what you will.”

That’s what I dig about this Jata tune titled “Ebony”. It’s tumultuous, yet organized in a way that only music has the power and ability to shape such noises, and it’s passionate in the lyrics it delivers without being whiney or weak. It’s that psychopathic kind of dark love that will literally do anything for the other and flirts on the borderlines of obsession. And it’s personified passion only when heard like this, right over 808’s that never stop thumping like the eternal flames from hell.

You see, love, by definition, can only exist in one place in the afterlife (heaven), while passion will be found on both planes.

Please set me on fire.”