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Alessia Cara – Here

This song has been out for a moment, but honestly, deserves a good write up. The tune will sound instantly familiar pulling the track from somewhere you know with lyrics that are even more so.

Alessia Cara does what I love in lyrics and a track, creating a whole scene. It is a story that takes place in a night. Not a whole realisation that could take years. I got a night.  At the party, in the corner where you sit with your cup and eyes glazed over, judging the judgers and pitying the souls who aimlessly venture the halls with a shitty playlist and intentions.

The blanket of a heavy night holding back the creative reactions we hope for. The words not connecting, the whisky got in the way. The song just not right, the DJ is on a different level. The inspiration created by poor decisions of ourselves or the girl in the corner you realise you know from uni. The want, to capture the moments of utmost human disappointment, the need to feel understood and the human urge to do so in a beautiful symphony.

You are at the party. You finally make it to the door, you hear the one song you were waiting for. The person you were meant to see. The mood you are set on making. The story you are set on living.

It is true that you want to live the life that is curated to sell. To ensure you are interesting. To make the story one that everyone knows and a party that we all feel like we have been to before. But doing the same thing over and over is not creative, its insanity.

We seek the path to a creative story, the freedom to let that be the “real” you and the strength to believe that is going to be good enough.

Here. You. Are. And here is Alessia.