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The Van Allen Belt – One On The Board

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Sometimes shit just stands out because it’s funky, cool and it’s got so much swag to it that it is deemed undeniable by everyone who sees it. In this case, it’s everyone who hears it. “One On The Board” by band: The Van Allen Belt is all that funky swag in one super cool tune that knocks, bangs and rocks for a little over three minutes.

As a huge fan of sonic mastermind Rza, this gem immediately stands out from the pile of submissions because it’s super reminiscent of some of his greatest works of Hip Hop production of all time. Twelve seconds in, after the whistling introduction with spaced out synths that sound like some sort of mars landing, the beat drops hard with an incredible dirty drum pattern and an accompanying 808 that distorts everything in its path, and is intended to to do so. Think Kanye West‘s “Dark Fantasy” on this one, right when the meat of the beat comes in (pause) and makes everyone squish their faces, mean-mug the air and bop like a rapper in a vocal booth ready to lay down some fire lyrics, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience here.

“The Van Allen Belt is the pop concept of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Benjamin Ferris. The project enlivens his style of patchwork storytelling in an experimental electronic environment as fronted by classically-influenced vocalist Tamar Kamin, and engineered by sound designer Scott Taylor.”

Reading that introduction to the band and listening to this beauty, it all makes sense. The vocals work as another unique and funky instrument in themselves (as opposed to the normal familiar sounding ones we are used to), and the quirky sounds spread out throughout this psychedelic auditory ride mixed with the complete switches in production patterns throughout that trip keep the song interesting enough for a thorough listen and appreciation of the kind of calculated art you just listened to.

This is another masterpiece that I would expect the audiovisual duo of Tarantino & Rza to appreciate and incorporate into one of their own masterpieces within the near future.

Put on your tie dye space suit and get ready for a cosmic disco that’s truly out of this world and refreshingly funky.