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The Womb – Wild Dogs (Fennec & Wolf Remix)

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All Systems GO! That’s been the theme for my day today and that’s exactly how it’s still feeling.

I had to wake up at 5am to be ready to leave the house by 7am. We had to drive thru the city to run an endless amount of errands, and in between I had to work. Not like a creative writing gig or some music production, but a few actual duties that I’m responsible for delivering on Mondays, every single week.

Uptown, downtown, across town and back, I’ve been non-stop for nearly twelve hours now. It’s to the point where even that third cup of coffee did zilch for me.

And then came this blessing: Fennec & Wolf’s super energy-jolting remix of “Wild Dogs” by The Womb. And now I feel as if I just woke up from a ten year nap, ready to take on the entire globe with one hand.

The remix work on this beauty is topnotch. It does an amazing job of progressing smoothly into its peak and then keeping a beautiful balance of consistent alternating sounds right over the never-ending bottom as it glides you through just about any hurdle over the next four and a half minutes.

If you happen to be suffering from a case of the Monday Blues, or just need an afternoon pick-me-up for the final hump of the workday, well then do yourself a favor and put this full dose of speed on repeat and press play, now.