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Levphonic – Release


I live my life a mile per minute going 60mph at all times. That leaves no room for staring into my rearview mirror to see what I missed or look at what I’ve left behind. Nah, I don’t want any of that. My life is too beautiful and too fun and too positive and too chill to be pulled on by anything other than that. In fact, that shit right there (being pulled) is called “drag”, and by definition, “drag” is defined as the force that opposes forward motion, so no—please don’t drag me with your bullshit. I want none of it.

Everyday, we have two simple choices in life to make when we wake up and get ready for the world. You either think that everything is going to fall into place for you down to parking spots right where you need them, when you need them, or, you wake up and claim Murphy’s Law for the day and watch as everything doesn’t go your way, and then bitch and moan about it not going your way. Who the fuck can live that way? I know I can’t, nor do I want to.

Look, I don’t know shit. I’m not sitting here pretending that I am any better than any of you out there because the truth of the matter is that I’m sitting here skating through life, still falling and bruising myself, breaking bones at every other bend. But what I do know is that up until today, my life has been pretty good, and that’s mainly because I’m still on that highway that I was born on with the ON button lit on the cruise control rolling at sixty miles per hour. On my drive, the sky is always blue, the grass is always green, the roads are always perfect and I never run out of gas.

Maybe it isn’t the most beautiful drive that you have ever seen, and maybe it isn’t the most expensive or the most profound or romantic. But the most chill ride ever it sure has been, and along the way it has been funny and always a good time.

What up LA. So far, you rock.