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TMPL – All We Are Featuring Terrell Morris

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Becoming bored with something is nothing like growing tired or frustrated with how things are. There’s a huge difference, for me. I expect anyone I spend my time with to also acknowledge the things I love the way I make it my point to acknowledge what they love. Life is about balance, and if you are going to spend any parts of your life with someone, regardless of how much time that will be, then finding a good balance will lead to having great moments with one another. I guess that isn’t so easy for some people to get. I guess some people need you to draw out diagrams on the blackboard as if we’re in fucking school, and quite frankly, I don’t want to be anyone’s teacher. I mean, how can I teach anything to anyone when there is still so much I myself don’t know?

I’m humble in many ways. For one, whenever an argument ensues with a loved one I tend not to take the hurtful words that come out of their mouths to heart. Of course, hurtful words hurt, but we learn overtime that some people need to do this in order to release anger or frustrations, so we let those slide as we get older because we know that they are empty words. It’s when you don’t learn about yourself progressively and we find ourselves in the same sort of arguments with the same sort of words spewn at one another that we begin to have issues. Number one, we start with you just not learning from your past mistakes, and number two is the redundancy of your words that begins to bore me. At least come up with new words or phrases. Better yet, learn to control your mouth and just listen better.

We all hope to find the one partner that gets us completely. Sometimes we do, but for whatever the reasons shit just didn’t work out. Sometimes we don’t find perfection in our partners, but they learn what we love, and they do their best to make our lives as happy as we try to make theirs. When that balance begins to shift and become more negative than positive, that’s when you have to start asking yourself if everything that you are sacrificing for is worth your peace of mind.

Peace of mind is how we thrive as human beings. Without the mind the body cannot exist. It’s how we live long and prosperous lives, and it’s how the world becomes a better place. The opposite only brings war, pain, suffering and more hell. I don’t want to live in hell. I didn’t sign up for that.