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Lily & Madeleine – Come to Me (Ofenbach Remix)

We were sitting on the roof of our temporary studio in Tokyo. The familiar sense of unfamiliar places kept our senses high although the Japanese whisky worked to dull it simultaneously. The white noise of the city was the backdrop to our conversation about conventional love and what it means. One girl with a story of a relationship she is in only to meet a man who turned her world around in a night, leaving her straddling the two lovers she had on demand and the one she pined for. A decision she had to make for a spark or a commitment.

Another talked about her failed relationship and budding new one with someone drunk on love and reading, although she wanted to avoid intensity but feel connections at the same time. She wanted to love and be able to love her life separately from the confines of a relationship. Is that so bad? Can we be intense and still be free? Do we always have to claim someone because we find them to be our match?

I listened in as the bottles emptied and the words were overflowing from everyone. Advise, tears, heartache, realisations from our worlds we escaped to meet each other across the world. We used the borrowed time of our rendesvous as we would in any other city, talking about boys and work and fears and sadness and mentalities. Sifting through and unearthing things that only close friends and whisky can do in a night.

Love no longer means: married with children, white wedding, die holding hands. Once you have realisation that death is as personal as it is consistent then you realise you should choose who fills in the time until then. Does it need to be one? Can you love people for different reasons? Can they all be in your life? Have we evolved enough to accept this as the new way of living and loving?

We sat and talked for hours and days until we had to say goodbye and go back to our corners of the world. Tokyo giving the perfect platform to meet and to find each other again. To go through our lives in the safety of our circle. Our soul mates we found in each other.

When I die, I want them to be there as I go through it alone. I want them to hold my hand and share the whisky and hope we find each other in a new corner of the world many time before then. Somewhere we can talk again. Somewhere we can be safe in the world we created, in our hidden escape we seek when we need it. In the loves we found or lost. In the sanity we hold or have lost at times.

The most powerful love you have is in the friends who see all of your dimensions in the light of the Tokyo stars.