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Ballerino – Wet

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East Coast, West Coast, left coast, right. Slacks, sweats, tie, snapback. Office, coffee shop, windows or mac. Java or decaf, muffin or croissant. MetroCard or E-Z Pass, Downtown LA or Downtown Manhattan. Gas or electric, wingtips or chucks.


Burger or salad, green juice or diet soda. French fries or hummus, milkshake or bottled water.

Mashable or TechCrunch. Huff Post or NY Post, Gothamist, Laist, Urbandaddy or Thrillist?


Fox, CBS, Netflix, Hulu, Prime. Quinoa or mashed potatoes, salmon, turkey, tofu. House, techno, pop or rap. The decisions have been made for you, now all you have to do is pick and do it all over again tomorrow, but play this now.