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Greer – High Off My Love (OK//FUNK Remix)

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Love is an indestructible high. It’s the one vice everyone will succumb to in their lives and the hardest habit to kick. It’s the sweetest drug, and life without it would be impossibly unbearable. I guess that explains why we love to love: “love”, so damn much.

Sometimes all I need is just a sniff; ‘a sniff of her neck to carry me throughout the day’. Sometimes just a taste; ‘a taste of her love to forget all my troubles’. Other times I need it deep in my veins pumping its sweet poison directly into my heart. I can’t get enough of it, and I need it every second of every single day. That’s how I feel about love. That’s what my addiction to it is like. Is yours really any different?

When we’re mad at love we want the world to be mad at it too, but the problem is that the world as a whole could never do such a thing. No one would join you in that lonesome battle because everyone is addicted. Still, you fight it hard because you’re miserable and you go your hardest to destroy any remnants of it in your life. But then when the lights are off and no one is looking you shed tears and scream loudly on the inside for it, and you think none of us knows the truth. We know; we all fucking know.

As I sit here in the middle of the night restless from too many thoughts and mentally rummaging through the pages of my past, I wonder if there could ever exist a world without such a delicious addiction. What would a world like that be like? Probably no songs to sing along to and no poetry to read. There would probably be no crayons or paints to color blank canvases and sheets of paper with, and no stories to tell or wars to be seen. Sure, some things would probably seem better, but that would just be the illusion to a world with nothing to live for, and, if there is nothing to love for, then it might as well not even exist. Right?

The first step is admitting you have a problem. Denial is a large part of addiction, and breaking through self-deception can be very difficult.”